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Title Insurance for what?

Posted by Kerry Hagan | Dec 11, 2023 | 0 Comments

Almost 50 years ago, in the Texas Monthly article “Trust Me, Just Sign Here,” Paul Burka wrote:

“If the title company does its work properly, its chances of suffering a loss are zero.  In other words, when you buy title insurance, what you are really doing is paying the title company to protect you against its own mistakes.”  

So the premium they charge you for title insurance that is set by monopoly pricing, means YOU pay THEM to shield and insulate THEM from the fallout of THEIR OWN FAILURE to do THEIR OWN JOB right.

Here is our question:  Why are you paying your money to them to protect them from their own screw ups, errors, and blunders? And it looks even crazier when you understand that 98% of titles are completely “clear “ with no problems at all.  

What we do is make sure you are in the 98%, then prepare your documents, and get you on down the road.  And if you are in the 2% that has a title problem, we fix it.  Simple.  Land Titles Done Right For You.  No insurance premium.

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