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Our Four Steps



  1. Research it 
  2. Prepare it
  3. Close it
  4. Follow Up


- The first thing we do is research your land title ourselves –  which is then analyzed by our attorney — and not a title company abstract clerk. This gives you a more professional legal  opinion about your land title, immediately, right up front. If the  title is “clear” (like more than 98% of them) then we have  finished with the research. On the other hand, if there is a  problem (called a “title defect”)then our attorney prepares all the necessary and legally - required documents to fix the problem  to get you a clear title. 


- Our lawyer is Kerry Hagan. He prepares all of our legal documents. He is a second generation lawyer, 5th generation Texan, and

grew up in a family that owned a title company. In  high school he was researching land titles. After law school, he  worked for the Supreme Court of Texas. He has been in the  business for 39 years, and has been in San Jacinto County and  surrounding East Texas counties for many years. He has  prepared thousands of purchase and sale documents and  other documents fixing the title defects involving hundreds  of millions of dollars of land value. 

- Title Companies are not lawyers and can't fix a title defect.  They can't prepare legal documents. Only a lawyer can do  that. A lawyer is what we have. A lawyer is what a title  company is not. Since we do have a lawyer, we can do it all and  we are able to save you money at the same time. 


- At closing, we sign documents. We usually “split close” and have the buyer and seller come in separately – but everybody signs off on the same “deal.” Nothing changes unless everybody agrees. 

- We also handle all the necessary money details by taking money from the buyer, paying off any existing loans, taxes, and liens – making sure the releasing documents from your lien holder(s) are right. We make sure all the money from the buyer is actually paid. We receive the buyer's money into our trust account and confirm “good funds.” We prorate/allocate takes and make sure all the money going to the seller actually goes to to the seller. We generate an industry-standard HUD-1 closing statement which shows all the money details, and money! The deal is done! Done Right! 


In this step we do three things for you: 

Filing, Funding, Delivery 

- In this step we hand-carry your local documents to the Courthouse - usually on the same day you sign them. WE FILE THEM. Title changes right then. BOOM! Title transferred! We cut FUNDING CHECKS, paying the seller, and all the expenses related to closing per your mutual agreement on the HUD-1. We cut all checks out of an account where we are just a trustee. Then when documents come back from the courthouse, we DELIVER the packet of all final, filed documents out to everybody. Or you – our new friends – can come by and pick them up if you want to. 

- When you let us we just do EVERYTHING by looking at the legal records and preparing all the legal documents and getting them properly signed, collecting and funding to-the-penny according to the signed agreement of buyer and seller. We file the documents and send out the final closing packet. We get your land title changed from seller to buyer. We do it right.

Quickly. Efficiently. Pleasantly.

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