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    Title Insurance premiums are now $3.25 billion in Texas. That comes out of YOUR pocket and YOU pay it. and
    is your BETTER WAY because we change your title better and cheaper WITHOUT the title insurance and expensive premium. 

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  • It’s simple with us and its simple for you too!

    We have the EXPERTISE to search the title records. We have the LAWYER to analyze the records, prepare the sale documents, prepare the HUD-1 closing statement and handle the money details. We have the PERSISTENCE to follow-up, file the documents, and put the ball over the goal line.

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    We do it all without SCAMMING you or FLEECING you by selling you an insurance policy or charging you a premium. We will do it right for you! As we said earlier, that is our ONE PERFECTLY CLEAR GOAL!

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The first thing we do is research your land title ourselves.

Our lawyer is Kerry Hagan. He prepares all of our legal documents.

We sign documents and handle all the necessary money.

In this step we do three things for you: Filing, Funding, Delivery.

Title Your Land is a legal team that knows about real estate and can help you change your land title. Properly. Legally. Quickly. In the most inexpensive way that saves you money. We are physically located at 90 Live Oak Street, Coldspring, San Jacinto County, Texas 77331, and our phone number is 936-653-8888. We serve East Texas. If you would like to talk to someone who speaks Spanish fluently, please ask for Pamela and she will contact you. 

The head of our legal team is Kerry Hagan. He has been a lawyer for 39 years. Mr. Hagan has prepared thousands of purchase and sale documents and other documents fixing the title defects involving hundreds of millions of dollars of land value. 

Buying and selling land or a home can be very scary. For almost everyone, it is their most important purchase. It is expensive and complicated. But it's also about building a family future with either land or the money from a land sale. Everybody wants the same two things. First, they want to save some money if they can. Second, they don't want to think they own land, only to learn there is a title problem down the road and they don't! Can you imagine that some people even pay the entire purchase price in cash for land the seller doesn't even own? Or they pay the money but they never get the title they were promised? We have seen both situations actually happen and it turns out to be a big mess! In 39 years that has never happened to us or Mr. Hagan. Never! 

What We Do For You 

We search the official land records and Mr. Hagan analyzes the title. If there is a problem, we tell you, quote a price, see who will pay, and he fixes it.If everything is “good” then he prepares the best documents so both sides are fully protected. The buyer gets good legal title documents. The seller gets their money or future monthly payments. Past loans and liens are paid and removed. Taxes are split. We take in money and prepare a document that shows all the payment details. Everyone agrees and signs.No signatures = no deal. Legal documents get filed at the courthouse, and everyone gets a final packet. The buyer gets the title, and the seller gets the money or a series of future monthly payments. No one gets left holding the bag. 

Our Hopes For You

We want to take away all the complications – and make things clear, simple, and legal. Title transfers with us are normal and ordinary. We do it every day! When we handle your title transfer, we make your dreams come true. We have learned after decades of simply doing the right thing, that the secret to success is to strive to do the BEST for our clients and put their interests FIRST.

We are your BETTER WAY

Come let us serve you . . . .
-Kerry Hagan

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Title Your Land is a legal team that knows about real estate and can help you change your land title.