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Title Insurance is a Total Scam 

Seth Harp wrote a very hard-hitting article in the Texas Observer, published on June 21, 2021 under the subtitle “In Texas Title Insurance Is A TOTAL SCAM.” Before you give your money to a title company, you should check out his views on what he calls the “total scam” of title insurance


Because can you believe that since 1979, title premiums have risen 1,647%? BELIEVE IT!


Seth Harp's original 2021 article reported title insurance premiums in Texas were $1.8 billion in 2017.In the last 4 years premiums have swelled by $1.46 billion to $3.25 billion, rising 82.07% and almost doubling since the statistics in the scam article, and rising 36.33% in just the last reported year. 

Local premiums are up 78.61% in only 3 years and premium income growth for the only title company in San Jacinto County, for example, is up 68.69% over the same 3 year period. So, the title industry is alive and hungry, continuing to take the money we want to help you keep it in your pocket, so you can invest in your own life and family. 

What we do is right there in our names: We and at the same time, we Come let us serve you and help your family prosper.

To be clear, WE DONOT SELL TITLE INSURANCE. We are NOT a title insurance company. We are NOT a title insurance agent. They sell insurance. Not us. We do not LOCATE land on the ground – that is what surveyors do. 

We are a legal team with knowledge of real estate titles through our attorney and dedicated staff, working in the growing counties in the Piney Woods of East Texas. So given that we are not a title insurance company or agent, and we are also not land surveyors, what is different and unique about us? Our job everyday is to make sure your title is clear and then do the legal transfer paperwork to change it. You might just say we are LAND TITLES DONE RIGHT!

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